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How New Talent Trends Influence Organizational Culture

Workplace culture is no longer a boardroom and break-room culture. With the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the digital and societal transformations it brings, our talent pool is transforming in new ways, too — ways that impact how we communicate, connect, and relate to one another.

Trends to Watch as Influencers for Culture Change

Artificial intelligence. It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) advances continue to surge, with rumors of new job displacements growing by the month. Many people raise the topic with fear and trepidation, hoping they can make it to retirement before their careers get wiped out of existence by machines. Take heart: AI is not replacing the need for human workers. Rather, it is changing the way we work. And just as humans have adapted to new technology for decades, so we will learn how to put our unique logic, strategic thinking, and empathy to work alongside machines.

From Culture Transformation to Culture Influence

As the talent pool changes, step back and take an objective look at your people and your leadership framework for organizational culture. Do the two align? Is your framework based on an old model of in-office talent rather than a mix of brick-and-mortar and remote? How can you incorporate people you rarely see in person into your organization’s culture?

First Steps Into the Future

Build on a firm foundation. Your organization has certain underlying beliefs, assumptions, values, and ways of interacting that are worth celebrating. As a first step, identify the cultural norms that you wish to uphold and brainstorm with your team how to spread those norms across your changing talent pool.

Managing Disruption and Change

We in the nonprofit leadership space are certainly no strangers to disruption and change. Flexibility and agility are basic skills we’ve developed for survival, and we wear many hats to get work done with limited resources. The biggest difference today is that the pace of change has never been faster. Answers to how new talent trends will influence changes in organizational culture may not be obvious until we can observe, examine, and formulate the right questions for our organizations.

President/CEO of Brighter Strategies LLC, an organizational development and strategy consulting company in the Washington, DC metro area

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